A bit of History:

Camili BOOKS & TEA has been an English Bookshop and Tearoom since 1994.

Previously called Shakespeare Books, it was founded in June 1994 by Wolfgang Zuckermann, author of five books and former consultant in Paris and owner of Zuckermann Harpsichords in New York.

Though Shakespeare Books is not officially related to George Whitman’s Shakespeare & Co, Paris, Wolfgang Zuckermann ‘followed the tradition of English bookshops in France, first started by Sylvia Beach in Paris 1919 with the original Shakespeare & Co’.

Camille Vourc’h took over the bookshop in 2012 and has been running it by herself since. She also teaches French and English in the bookshop and is an English to French Translator.

A bit of Relooking:

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A bit of Press about us:


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