Important Information

    Hello everyone,
    I inform you that the bookstore will close from  December 9th 2020, and will reopen its doors on January 7th, 2021.
    As you can imagine, the following activities that take place at the bookstore (such as sign language workshops, conversation groups, the tea room, partnerships with associations, English classes, non-regular events such as exhibitions or concerts as well as the sale of new and second-hand books, etc.)keep it alive. They allow the bookshop to continue welcoming you.
    After this rather difficult period and this reopening which only allows us to sell books, we see our activity decreasing and approaching financial complications, due to the first lockdown, the cancellation of the festival, etc.

    So I decided to close the bookstore temporarily, and trying to rethink it and innovate in new activities, and improve the ones that exist today. This will also be an opportunity to deal with current personal projects, and to take care of my family. These difficult moments allow us to approach things in a different way, and to see how important others are in our life, that we must take care of things.

    If all goes well and if the contamination figure drops, bars and restaurants are supposed to open around 20th January. The tea room and the conversation groups will therefore resume at this time, and I will be delighted to welcome you !  Regarding the English courses and certain workshops, a resumption is possible on 7th January 2021 by respecting the barrier gestures and by applying important hygienic measures. Book orders for the holidays will no longer be possible from this date (due to delays).   

    For pending orders arriving between 9th and 19th December 2020, don't worry! You can come and pick them up in the store after making an appointment (by mail : , my colleague will take care of giving you the order while respecting the barrier gestures.   For orders outside the holidays (regarding textbooks, school programs for the second semester), you can always place them with us by email.

     I remain available by email, except for the period from 21th December to 1st January. 

    I wish you all happy holidays and I hope that the year 2021 will be more joyful. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones !!