Sign Language Workshop

Sign Language Discovery Workshop


lead by Alice Launay

Another way of communication, Sign Language is a visual & spacial language which is fun and interesting to learn and can be helpful in many situations!

Workshop open to everyone, all ages and levels.


Saturday 22nd September, 6th and 20th October, 10th & 24th November, 8th and 15th of December from 2 to 4 pm

7 workshops to learn some elements of communication and interaction.

Price : 100 € for the trimester or 20€/workshop…the idea being to have a fixed group to improve more quickly !

Booking Camili BOOKS & TEA or Tel 06 63 20 20 18


Sign Language and the deaf community are both really alive, lively and lovely !

For example, here is the website of IVT (International Visual Theater) based in Paris and directed by Emmanuelle Laborit


see you soon!






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